A while back, I asked Facebook peeps for some nouns and verbs as creative starters for some short poetry. Today, I'm using one of three words contributed by Priscilla H.: the verb "commiserate." (Thanks again, P!) Read on for the short poem.

Too often, you ask that I sympathize
Regardless of the cynical spew dripping from your mouth
And your spigot of crocodile tears on perpetual standby
Nullifying the opinions of others, despite their validity
Spouting your charitable nature, despite your utter selfishness
Pretending to the masses, pretending to your friends and family
And most of all, pretending to yourself
Requiring everyone to donate their life force to your cause
Eating the hearts and minds of those who not comply
No, I do not commiserate; you've sucked my marrow dry
Today, I find you thin as cellophane; transparent