The Reporter (a #serialstory)

On Halloween 2013, my first #serialstory, where Journalist Renee Harris must escape a hairy predicament, premiered on Twitter (though it initially ran under the #storytweet hashtag). Like all of my serial stories, the tale ran over the course of four weeks, four tweets at a time. Hashtags have been removed below for ease of reading.

Dazed, Renee Harris, budding journalist, lay in a heap on a gritty floor. She willed her eyes open. -1-

The room was dark. Too dark. A jolt of panic surged through her chest, but she choked it away. -2-

Her limbs felt like boiled pasta. Her head throbbed like someone had pounded her brain into a teacup. -3-

Then, she remembered. {To be continued next week...} -4-

Eyes wide, Renee recalled her body stiffening as 50,000 volts disabled her central nervous system. -5-

Panic roared back to life. Being Tasered wasn't typically part of the interview process. -6-

But then again, neither was being dragged and dropped into what felt like a dungeon. -7-

Her last question had been a stretch, but it had clearly hit home. She had to escape. {To be continued...} -8-

Blinding light flooded the room. Renee blinked up at Matt Bigsby, Big PharmaCorp CEO, who glared at her. -9-

"You're not so tough, now," said Matt, face twisted. Renee eyed the gun in his hand. She couldn't argue. -10-

"You just had to push." Matt shook his head. "So we dose our allergy meds with sterilization drugs..." -11-

Matt continued his faux altruistic rant. Renee spotted a bit of nearby broken glass. {To be continued...} -12-

Renee decided her best shot at reaching the glass was to have a reason for moving. Her heart clenched. -13-

"Yes, Mr. Bigsby," Renee said, tone bitter. "Blind population control. You're quite the philanthropist." -14-

Matt backhanded Renee. Not only had she not been shot, but she had also landed next to the glass shard. -15-

Matt crouched to face her. She palmed the shard. No time. She jabbed it into his neck and ran. {The End} -16-