We've all seen (or been) that kid in the grocery store; you know, the one who pulls down sweets and fat-laden snacks and drops them into the cart while Mom's busy eyeing wheat biscuits and canned lima beans. That kid goes for what he wants without a second thought. This idea of leaping before looking inspired the following poem.

The new car she wants
Is a popular consumer magazine's worst buy
Realized after breakdown number nine

The career she wants
Is a male-dominated, chauvinistic uphill dash
Realized after promotional pass-over number six

The man she wants
Is a demon wrapped in a model's skin
Realized after breakup number three

The child she wants
Is a manifestation of her desire to be loved
Realized after therapy session one

The life she wants
Is no longer appealing
Realized after draining the flask
And deciding to reset to zero