Silence of the Pens

      It's no secret; the silence of my pen has lasted too long. I could quote excuses--my cat of 17 years died, I got two new kittens, both of which take up considerable time and attention, I started a new job--but at the end of the day, I know I could've made the time. So, why the hiatus? The answer is simple: for whatever reason, the creative juices simply stopped flowing.

      This leads me to wonder if this sort of thing happens to all writers. Yet, everything I read contradicts this notion. Countless sources cite that, even in creative dry spells, one should keep writing. Yet, when my pen lay silent, I just can't force myself to write (or at the very least, post something to my blog). Perhaps I'm giving myself too much credit, since pretty much everything I post is first draft (aka shitty). However, I also typically like what I post. This being said, I don't want to upload shittier than shitty works to my blog. As such, I just stopped trying. Again, am I making excuses? Maybe. But I'm starting to feel a creative upswing coming on. So hopefully, the juice will resurge and posts will flow like butter. I'll drink to that.