Park Hopper: Part 2

Continuing from my theme park-inspired previous blog, below is Part 2 of Park Hopper.


      Like clockwork, Bradley awoke fifteen minutes before his alarm threatened to blast him out of bed. He quickly switched off the alarm, got up and hit the shower. After dressing, he strode into the kitchen, where the air was redolent of freshly brewed gourmet coffee, thanks to his new, high-tech coffee pot. Three cups of coffee, two eggs, three slices of bacon and a piece of toast later, he quickly washed his hands, grabbed a pre-packed backpack and was out the door.

      His plan was simple. Since Animal Kingdom closed earlier than any other park, he would begin there. Next, he would move to Hollywood Studios, and lastly, he would park at Magic Kingdom. From there, he would take the monorail to Epcot. After Epcot, he would ride the monorail back to Magic Kingdom and end the night there. He allotted three hours for each park, budgeting forty minutes of between-park travel time for a complete fourteen-hour day.

      He arrived at the Animal Kingdom parking lot just as Cast Members were entering their booths. One of the first cars through the gate, he was rewarded with a premiere parking spot. Upon entering the park, his first stop was Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition, where he hoped to spot a giraffe and a rhino--he was not disappointed. After his safari, he partook in two other attractions, a three-dimensional multimedia show based on A Bug's Life and a musical production of Finding Nemo, before finally resting on a bench outside The Boneyard, where kids flex their paleontological muscles.

      His twenty-minute respite at The Boneyard ended his three-hour tour of Animal Kingdom. Once at Hollywood Studios, he again chose four attractions, although he was miffed to find that Disney Junior - Live on Stage! had no showings for the next two days. Beginning with Toy Story Mania and ending with Star Tours, he caught part of the Pixar Pals parade before making his way to the Magic Kingdom.

      Ahead of schedule, Bradley decided to people watch at the Ticket and Transportation Center before boarding the monorail to Epcot. Grabbing a sandwich from his backpack, he eagerly watched families, taking note of the inattentiveness of so many parents, unwittingly letting their kids wander off too far. Family after family, he shook his head in disgust until his frustration at parental carelessness nearly gave him whiplash. Unable to endure further signs of neglect, he boarded the monorail to Epcot.

      In the essence of time, he forewent the World Showcase, limiting himself to Future World. Starting clockwise from the park entrance, he worked his way from the Universe of Energy to The Seas, ending with the interactive computer-generated Q&A show, Turtle Talk with Crush.

      After taking the monorail back to Magic Kingdom, he started with the Pirates ride, followed by The Haunted Mansion. He etched his way through Fantasyland, where he ended his night with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Before snaking his way back to the exit, he took a break in front of the Tomorrowland Speedway--perhaps a bit out of the way, but a perfect stop for another sandwich and additional people watching. Again, family after family passed by, with many exhausted parents letting their children run like wild dogs until howling was necessary to return the unruly pups to their packs. As Bradley's blood began to seethe, he hopped up from his perch and headed for the main gates.

      On his drive home, he smiled at the thought of the upcoming day. Armed with the lay of the land, his fun would be even more efficient. Before settling down for the night, he replenished his backpack with food, and took a long, hot shower. In bed, images of the ceiling were soon replaced by darkness as sleep sucked him under.