And Then You Were Gone

Suffice it to say that I don't deal with loss very well. Perhaps I wasn't born with a coping mechanism. Whatever the reason, when loss comes, I feel like crawling into a hole and not coming out. My cat, who is currently still among the living, is dying. I'm struggling with putting him down--partly because I'm not sure it's the right call and partly because I'm selfish and don't want to let him go. At any rate, a piece of me already mourns his loss, which is inevitable at this point. While the following poem may not give me solace, it certainly helps me grieve.

Once you were hopping, skipping along
Frisky and playful
And then you were gone.

In my eyes, you could never do wrong
Vibrant and healthy
And then you were gone.

With the stroke of your fur, you would purr like a song
Cozy and happy
And then you were gone.

Somehow I thought you would always be strong
With me forever
And then you were gone.