For Katie

I'm truly thankful for friends and family who actually tell me when my writing sucks, and who are kind enough to read the rewrites. One of these glorious people has been after me to write a story with bite (aka a vampire story). Although plans for longer projects are in the works, over the weekend, an idea for a short popped into my head. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

      With the tip of an index finger, he stroked between her breasts, feathering downward until he teased along the crease of an inner thigh. He stole a glimpse of her, eyes closed and face slack with pleasure, as he lowered himself between her legs, kissing gently at first, then growing firmer until her breaths became ragged. Almost unable to bear the pleasure, she reached for him, willing him to enter. He did not comply. Instead, he buried fangs deep into the femoral sheath, draining her life force with each guttural suck. Within minutes, she lay completely still, donning only the remnants of a sheepish grin, a testament to his gift and his curse--the bite of ecstasy.