The Girl Named Lucky

If you're ever in need of writing prompts, check out the stories on I took a gander at it today and found an article that spotlighted some unconventional baby names, such as Moo and Tuba, which prompted the following:

      Not quite sure if her namesake or her status as head cheerleader propelled her to popularity, sixteen-year-old Lucky perched atop the cool metal bleachers, watching the varsity football team run drills. It had been an hour since cheer practice let out, and the bench's texture had started carving lines into flesh that her cotton cheer shorts failed to protect. Finally, players trickled off the field. Randy approached.

      "Hey, Lucky," said Randy, short of breath from speed training exercises.

      Her heart pounded in her chest. Despite her popularity, she had never had a boyfriend. She was surprised when Randy, a senior, had asked her to stay and watch practice. "You looked great out there, Randy." She beamed, the smile reaching her amber eyes, making them shimmer in the stadium light.

      They spoke for what seemed an eternity. Randy's teammates came and went. Lucky's bum could no longer take the steely bench, so she climbed down to where Randy stood, still holding his helmet. As she reached him, he took her hand. Her pulse quickened--would this be her first kiss? They walked hand-in-hand toward the gym. Before they cleared the rear scaffolding, Randy tightened his grip. A chill pulsed through her. Something was wrong. She tried to pull free, but he pushed her into the metal framework, moving deeper until they ran out of headroom. He dropped the helmet to his feet. Holding fast to Lucky with one hand, he unlaced his pants with the other. Lucky stomped on his foot, but his football cleats protected him.

      His manhood now on display, Randy grabbed the elastic of Lucky's cheer shorts, hooking down to her panties. With one swift pull, he bared her. "I'm gonna get Lucky," he said as he entered her.

      At that moment, Lucky hated her parents more than the devil himself.