Chasing Demons

Last night, I felt a little blue--a reaction to something someone said. It's easy enough to dwell on the negative instead of the positive, so today I drafted a quick poem about those dreadful, unpredictable things called feelings. Here goes: 

I am so lucky; I am so blessed
I waken each day from a long evening's res
With food in my belly and clothes on my bac
Of countless good things my life does not lack

Why must the things that small people say
Affect me in such a grandiose way
Their words creep and crawl, clawing inside
Snaking to where the demon does hide

Once he's awakened, he fills from within
A great darkness grows and lightness turns dim
If I wish to escape, I must put up a fight
To edge out the dark and welcome the light

To chase out the demon, that horrible doubt
Takes courage and patience and tuning things out
Will I succeed, or will I cave in
It's all up to me; I hope I will win