Superhero Pranks

It's funny how ideas come at the most inopportune times. For me, it's mostly in the shower, while driving, or just as I'm falling asleep. Anyway, while in the shower this afternoon, I thought about what superheroes do in their downtime. My thoughts… 

      Bruce Banner jolted up from his hunched position, arching his back and turning his head to view his backside. The eraser-end of a pencil protruded from one of his cheeks.

      Steve Rogers shook his head. "I told you never to listen to him, Thor."

      Five minutes earlier, Thor had entered the room to find Stark holding Captain America's star-centered shield and a pencil. He proceeded to bet the hammer-toting giant that, at a thirty-foot distance, he couldn't possibly hit a bull's-eye with the pencil. Thor had no idea that, behind the shield, Bruce was bent over cleaning a spilled soda.

      Stark snickered.

            "Oh, great," said Rogers, "now he's turning green."