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While one person may view a pair of expensive slippers as overpriced foot warmers, Jessica Van den Ancker envisions them as a bribe, an explanation for why Jane would debase herself, agreeing to don an elf suit and serve cocktail wieners at her wicked boss's holiday party. Clearly, Jessica's imagination is untamable.

Jessica's storytelling career kicked off as soon as she could hold a pencil. Her debut work, an illustrated tale about an unlikely friendship between a dog and a cat, premiered on her mom’s refrigerator.

Not constricted by genre or format, Jessica writes short fiction prose, poetry, and screenplays. In addition, she has professionally crafted design briefs, edited Web copy, and produced voice-over scripts for television commercials and infographics. As far as Jessica is concerned, writing is writing, and every project presents an opportunity to tell a story. She finds inspiration everywhere — even in the mundane.

A graduate of Full Sail University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment, Jessica's work has been featured in The Penman Review, Black Heart Magazine, moonShine ReviewDiverse Voices Quarterly, and The Griffin, and her writings “in the voice of” series characters for’s original web series, MATCH, can be found on the interactive pages of More recently, Jessica penned articles as a staff writer for Modern Moto Magazine, a fashion-centric motorcycle magazine.

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Photo Credit:  123RF Stock Photo

Itching to read? Click below to review a sampling of Jessica's works, including several scripts and a playable text adventure game.

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Word therapy is a lovely thing. I can delve into myself and pull something out I didn't necessarily realize was there. Sometimes it's a glimmer of happiness. Other times, it's a flash of despair. But no matter the end result, I'll feel better for freeing whatever emerges. Read on for the result.